How to balance work-life in a pandemic with good mental health?

I know I am very late with this post, but some experiences are felt & shared with everyone. I am sure you will it useful…

Work-life balance has been one of the red-hot issues across India. In the amidst global pandemic, organizations are forced to Work from Home which was initially positively respected by all employees as a fun way of working but now the outcomes have been quite opposite.

These beliefs have blurred the imagination between work & personal or family space which has led to mental health issues & depression.

I can tell you my example, I have been one among many others trying to balance work-life but could not hold on to the situations. After 6 months of go-through, I decided Enough is enough. I will not allow any-one to take control of my health & mind.

I have gone through various challenges in these months, from very little time for my wife & 6 months old baby to a sedentary lifestyle – weight gain, blood fluid levels rising up & low BP, etc & whatnot.

Let’s have some balance in work as well as in our personal life for better mental health

  1. Pre-planning work & personal responsibilities
The right method to obtain work-life balance is the proper calculation & division of work. Office nowadays demands more time & family cannot always understand the concept of stay at home & do nothing. Divide your personal & professional responsibilities with time allotments
  1. Sleep early… Get-up early…
Today the world is full of internet distractions. You will find people spending more time on mobile & Internet than with family. I also used to do the same. Chuck off this habit!
Set a “Bed reminder” based on your routine plans for sleeping on time & getting up early. Even I am trying to follow the same. Let me know in the comment box whether it is helping you or not.
  1. Give 30 mins daily to your body & Mind – Meditate or Exercise
Meditation or exercise not only helps you keep your mind fresh but also boosts your stamina & immunity in this pandemic. While exercising, calm music by tucking earbuds can normalize & rejuvenate your day.   
  1. Set alarm for short breaks
During our routine office work & household work, it is important that we take short breaks to de-stress ourselves & have “Me-Time” where you just sit & rest for sometimes without any worries. By the way, you can even switch off your mobiles & disconnect yourself from the world!
  1. Learn new stuff to keep your mind fresh
One must make the most use of every opportunity which the pandemic period has given us. May be spend time with the family, upgrade or master yourselves or innovate new things to keep your mind fresh & happy
  1. Detach – Attach psychology
We must detach ourselves from work to attach ourselves back to family life & vice versa. The important decision of Detach to Attach at right time can solve a 90% mental state towards work-life balance. Keep some work for the next day, the world is never going to end today!
  1. Happy We-Time
If anyone ask, “who will you rank first between Work & Family?” We are 200% sure “its Family”. But sometimes office-work questions our own priorities. Come up with different ways to spend quality time with your family by setting your own priorities.  I leave it on you how you prioritize “Happy We-Time”
  1. Catch-up with Friends
We have completely disconnected from our buddies in this pandemic. Pick-up your phone & connect with your friends through Video Call. This pandemic is here for some time, we just cannot disconnect with your friends completely for years. Start connecting!

The whole intention behind writing this blog was how this global pandemic is affecting each one of us & how wisely we can tackle by simplifying it.

Do share your opinions & suggestions in the comment box

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